Britney Spears dispelled rumors about the breakup with her boyfriend

Бритни Спирс развеяла слухи о разрыве с бойфрендом

At the time when the novel Britney Spears and Sam Asgari was just beginning, the network was a joint photo lovers. It seemed that Britney has finally found her man and now can not hold back emotions and not to share their happiness with fans. In recent months, however, the network does not add any photo Asgari, and it made subscribers Spears start to worry: is the gap again?

No! Recently popular singer published online photo, which depicted in the arms of Sam Asgari. This is the first picture that appeared on page Spears from July. What caused such a long break is unknown. But even if the couple had problems, they solved them and are now happy together again.

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