British Twitter ridiculed Petrov and Bashirova after their appearance in the air

В британском твиттере высмеяли Петрова и Боширова после их появления в эфире

In an interview with TV channel Russia Today suspected poisoning in Salisbury Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov said that he had visited the city in the UK exclusively for tourism purposes, reminiscent of the British TV channel Sky News. In Britain the words of the suspects called “lies”.

As noted by Sky News, British Twitter after the interview, Petrov and Bashirova the trend out requests for “Russian” and “Salisbury”.

The majority of users laugh that the suspects in the poisoning of ex-agent of the Russian GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter expressed the desire “to visit this wonderful city,” which includes “the world famous Albericci Cathedral.”

“Of course, these Russian tourists. We all know that in Salisbury there are two world-class attractions: 1. Cathedral; 2. The famous door handle in the house Skripal,” wrote British actor David Schneider.

In addition to ordinary citizens on Twitter reacted and members of the British Parliament from Salisbury, who said the famous sights.

“I am pleased that Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Borisov were able to see world-class attractions offered by Salisbury. However, very strange to come all this way just two days, carrying a “Newbie” in the Luggage. Salisbury is glad to see tourists from all over the world and very open for business. But the statement Petrova and Bashirova not credible and do not correspond to the information that we have on them,” wrote British MP from Salisbury John Glen.

The official Twitter account of the Cathedral of Salisbury also not left without attention of the famous sights.

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“The spire of Salisbury Cathedral — the highest in the UK, reaches an impressive height of 123 meters! Not surprisingly, it can be seen for miles around, it also plays an important role in the surrounding landscape,” wrote on Twitter of the Cathedral.

Other users noted that Petrov and Bashirov as though he had read before the interview Wikipedia.

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