British scientists have uncovered a secret love of cats to boxes

Британские ученые раскрыли секрет любви кошек к коробкам

Love for awkward and confined spaces is explained very simply.

Scientists have uncovered the reasons for the love of cats to boxes. A study conducted researchers of the University of Lincoln in the UK.

Many owners of cats repeatedly could observe how their Pets get in close and awkward places. Turns out, these Pets there are several reasons why they like boxes. The scientists said that in tight spaces the cat produces endorphins, that is the Pets at such moments be happier. In addition, it gives the animal a sense of calm and security that makes them less aggressive.

Experts advise all owners of cats to get boxes for moving to another house. This “toy” will allow the pet much easier to transfer the stress to adapt quickly to new conditions and return it to the comfort zone.

Earlier, scientists said on adaptation of coral polyps to increase in temperature.

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