Britain named the exact time of exit from the EU

The UK government decided to amend the legislation.

The UK government will legislate the exact time of exit from the European Union. About it reports Reuters.

So, the Kingdom’s exit from EU to be held on 29 March 2019 23:00 London or at 00:00 CET.

The date was known before London planned to leave the EU exactly two years after the launch of the Brexit. Now the government has decided to amend the legislation with the exact time.

“We have listened to members of the public and members of Parliament and has made this clarification to eliminate any confusion in the wording,” – said in the message.

Earlier it was reported that the European Union dramatically increased the amount of financial claims against Britain for an exit from the EU. From London now claim to have paid up to 100 billion euros, caused by the stricter requirements of a group of countries led by Germany and France.

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