Brigitte Macron has a panic fear of the plane … for travel abroad is complicated

Brigitte Macron accompanied her husband Emmanuel on several trips to France, but she was not present abroad because she was very afraid in the plane.
It was because of the situation of Francois Hollande that Brigitte Macron had not been able to enter the Elysee on the arm of Emmanuel Macron the day of the handover. But there is no one to blame if she is not with her husband when traveling abroad. For almost the entire campaign, she was there: for the final victory celebrated in the Louvre , of course, but also during meetings and field trips .
Where it has not been seen is when Emmanuel Macron traveled to Algiers, New York and Berlin. Destinations that the then one of the candidates in contention for the Elysee had joined by taking the plane. A means of transport that Brigitte Macron prefers to avoid as far as possible. Reaching Francois-Xavier Bourmaud in the book ” The Behind the Scenes of a Victory” , she is not at all comfortable in the air .
She had already boarded a plane, but those who were with her still remembered her: “To travel by her side in the air is the assurance of arriving with the hand Crushed, amused a counselor of the candidate who has experienced the experience, “reads in this book quoted by Télé-Loisirs . No one can say that she does not have her feet on the ground.

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