Bright besieged Putin at the G20: “strike where it hurts”, there was a video

Путина ярко осадили на G20: «удар по самому больному», появилось видео

President of Russia Vladimir Putin brightly besieged with his unhealthy ambition

On the official website of the G20 has published a video in which the Kuril Islands are designated as part of Japan.

This movie is dedicated to the Japanese city of Osaka, was posted on the YouTube channel of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in February.

The southern Islands of the greater Kuril ridge Islands, designated as a territory of Japan, can be seen in the beginning of the video.

Путина ярко осадили на G20: «удар по самому больному», появилось видео

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that Russia has no plans to lower the flag over the South Kuril Islands.

In June, the Secretary-General of the government of Japan Acehide Suga said that the country will continue negotiations with Russia to solve the territorial issue and signing a peace Treaty.

Note, in the Internet there are videos and photos, looking on which, we can conclude that Vladimir Putin is very much afraid that he was poisoned. So, in many events they present a separate glass. Putin picks it up, brings it to his lips and puts on the table, not sipping and SIP.

Similar story happened on Friday, June 28, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the Japanese city of Osaka. Video confirming that Putin paranoia, appeared in the Twitter community “Lentic”.

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In the video you can see that the leaders of the countries “the big twenty” during the Banquet, communicate with each other, and then toasting.

At this time Vladimir Putin quickly convey special glass (in the form of plastic). It also raises a welcoming hand to your dishes. even SIPS from it.

Recall that Putin is scared of scientists his new appearance: “the old man’s face floated”.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”