Bridge with people suddenly collapsed: many of the victims, details and footage of the terrible tragedy

Мост с людьми неожиданно обвалился: много жертв, детали и кадры страшной трагедии

The bridge, which is actively used by motorists, at one point suddenly collapsed

About it informs the local Agency Xinhua.

It is reported that the tragedy occurred yesterday, October 10.

Мост с людьми неожиданно обвалился: много жертв, детали и кадры страшной трагедии

So, in East China’s Jiangsu province has happened a terrible tragedy: the trestle bridge, which is actively used by the vehicle suddenly collapsed.

According to local media, at the time of the tragedy on the bridge was three cars and two trucks. In the collapse of the overpass has killed at least three people. Two others received various injuries and were hospitalized.

Local authorities claim that last night collapsed roadway overpass bridge at the intersection of a road with state highway of the state value, from-for what the vehicle was pinned under the wreckage of the structure.

Rescuers continue to work on the scene, eliminating the consequences of the terrible tragedy in Jiangsu province.

Мост с людьми неожиданно обвалился: много жертв, детали и кадры страшной трагедии

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Previously, we reported that a huge bridge suddenly collapsed on people. The tragedy happened in the Taiwan Yilan County due to the fact that it drove a powerful truck.

Bridge in Yilan County was an important infrastructure facility, was one of the key transport arteries in the region of the port city of Xinjiang. Under the wreckage of the bridge can be six people. Arch bridge with steel rebar, was the only one of its kind in China. In addition, he was the first in Asia with two bifurcated arches.

During the collapse of the bridge it was passing under at least three fishing vessels. They were damaged in the accident and subsequent fire tanker. One tanker is not repairable because it received significant damage.

We will remind, the truck and the sand fell off a bridge near Kharkov.

As reported Politeka, the bridge collapsed onto passing cars in Kiev.

Also Politeka wrote that the new bridge is completely blocked off in the river.