“Bride and groom”: Monetochka published a photo with Feduk

Often fans love to find hidden meaning where it may not. In fact, fans are not to blame for the fact that they provoke.

«Жених и невеста»: Монеточка опубликовала фото с Feduk


Singer Monetochka published a photo in his Instagram with the rapper. To surprise fans of Minutochku as the bride picked up Feduk. Singer even signed the post intriguing: “Just a sensation”. Both photos are happy, and Monetochka shows the peace sign. Fans, having departed from shock, began to build a theory about the fact that for sensation they can expect.

First, because both people are creative, according to fans Monetochka and Feduk decided zakolebalsya, that is to write at least a single together. It pleased the fans no less than the second theory. Young people who met at some show or party, I realized that like each other. The theory is that between them broke out feeling. Subscribers did not stop and prophesied their wedding. The groom Feduk is training.

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