Brezhnev without pants stirred Ukrainians: “Goddess”

Брежнева без штанов взбудоражила украинцев: «Богиня»

Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev boasted the new candid outfit, which repeats “feat” MARUV

The corresponding photos she has published on his page in Instagram.

“I can’t half-heartedly to love yourself. Rather the result of my super-team on the set of”, — stated in the message.

The published photo shows that Brezhnev came to the event without his pants. This has caused rough discussion in a network.

Брежнева без штанов взбудоражила украинцев: «Богиня»

“Goddess”, “you have to bare ass to go”, “never took you seriously”, “so beautiful,” “we need to work to introduce such a dress code,” they write.

As reported earlier, famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who has been living and working in Russia, continues to delight with his photos and videos.

Singer, as you know, always trying to show his fans impeccable sense of style. It is also no secret that the 37-year-old singer-stylist doesn’t need and can independently choose and simultaneously trendy and original outfit.

Брежнева без штанов взбудоражила украинцев: «Богиня»

The originality of the images Brezhneva is that she tries to pick up the clothes in which the emphasis is on elegance, but with a slight note of sexuality. The singer knows how to accentuate his chiseled figure and to look Royal and luxurious.

This time Faith without makeup and clothes decided to show itself and make a small advertisement for a Foundation which helps to keep her skin in perfect condition.

It is noteworthy that not all fans appreciated the impulse of the artist – according to some commentators, the singer is doing wrong that clog pores and is cosmetic in such a complex hot period.

“Test tone cream in the summer. In the summer it is more difficult to maintain the freshness of the skin.. loved this cream💛 invisible 💛 pleasant 💛💛 resistant with a matte effect 💛 If you haven’t found your — note 😍 I was very pleased! #please note #weretested #Lancome #lancomemakeup #lancomerussia #nofilters,” wrote the singer.

Брежнева без штанов взбудоражила украинцев: «Богиня»

Recall that Brezhnev in a transparent body showed itself in all its glory.

As reported Politeka, dispersed Meladze VIA gra, there was only one.

Also Politeka wrote that Brezhnev in a revealing outfit alarmed by the statement