Brezhnev, puzzled network Frank the from Paris: “I Tried…”

Брежнева озадачила сеть откровенным снимком из Парижа: «Пробовала...»

Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva has conquered a new network of spectacular attire straight from Paris

The she has published in Instagram.

“This time in Paris, as you rightly said in the storis, I’m back at work. And again tried a new place…very happy with my choice,” reads the caption.

In the photo of Leonid Brezhnev posing on the balcony, and also inside your room. It caused a violent reaction on the part of users.

Брежнева озадачила сеть откровенным снимком из Парижа: «Пробовала...»

“Pretty woman”, “Faith, you always girl 25”, “Slim”, “the view really is amazing as you”, “so sleek”, “class”, “charming girl”, “

As previously reported, the singer Vera Brezhneva, who has been living and working in Russia, continues to delight with his photos and videos.

Singer, as you know, always trying to show his fans impeccable sense of style. It is also no secret that the 37-year-old singer-stylist doesn’t need and can independently choose and simultaneously trendy and original outfit.

Брежнева озадачила сеть откровенным снимком из Парижа: «Пробовала...»

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The originality of the images Brezhneva is that she tries to pick up the clothes in which the emphasis is on elegance, but with a slight note of sexuality. The singer knows how to accentuate his chiseled figure and to look Royal and luxurious.

Also the singer responded to rumors about her husband’s infidelity post on his page in social network Instagram, proanonsiroval new clip. In the video, the singer demonstrates the fine physical shape in a revealing black bodysuit. Fans appreciated the irony with which Brezhnev came to the rumors about Meladze, and the movie itself. Later the artist released provocative photo in a new image.

Брежнева озадачила сеть откровенным снимком из Парижа: «Пробовала...»

Recall that Brezhnev in a transparent body showed itself in all its glory.

As reported Politeka, dispersed Meladze VIA gra, there was only one.

Also Politeka wrote that Brezhnev in a revealing outfit alarmed by the statement