Brezhnev gave a will without her husband: staged dances on the table, “this is my last chance”

Брежнева дала себе волю без мужа: устроила танцы на столе, «это мой последний шанс»

The famous singer Vera Brezhnev lit on the birthday of the owner of the beauty salon

It is reported resource “Starhit”.

As it became known, not so long ago, the actress was partying at the birthday of Kyiv, the owner of the beauty salon Sabina Musina. Party birthday girl’s required dress code, therefore, the star dressed in a loose white outfit and shoes to his tone.

It should be noted that Brezhnev arrived in Kiev without a husband. The singer broke loose and climbed on a table, dancing with Sabine. The video, posted online, was very provocative, so in the legend the hostess joked. “Verun, I’ll send a PM this video Konstantin Meladze, because this is my last chance to jump in the van,” said the birthday girl.

Earlier it was reported that Vera Brezhnev said he did not consider himself a Ukrainian artist in a controversial interview with the famous Russian presenter Vyacheslav Manucharov, who have repeatedly expressed their negative attitude to Ukraine. Recently Vera Brezhnev has publicly renounced Ukraine. This caused a huge storm of discontent and criticism of the singer, who was born in Kamenskoe in Dnipropetrovsk region. Most fans were outraged by such bold statements, and considered the words of Faith rash. Commentators on the network were divided into three camps. In the first mostly residents of the Russian Federation, who say that music should be apolitical. Second, Ukrainians, who have forgotten who such Brezhnev, and remember her only as a member of the group “via gra”. In the third camp and the Russians, and the Ukrainians, who the singer hinted that traitors in neither place do not like.

Брежнева дала себе волю без мужа: устроила танцы на столе, «это мой последний шанс»

Will post some comments expressing the reaction of fans of Vera Brezhneva after the controversial interview:

“Was Vera Brezhnev, and was the Belief of Putin”, “Hoch Waki hour at a time, that dumb down and out disguise. Otak not odne smittya z hati I to vimatarissa”, “She made her choice! It is her right. But remember that she sings for those who are in the most part hates Ukraine and living in it, and sings to those who kill our Defenders!”, “You are a Ukrainian singer?? Lions shy at first suppressed, “the European city”, now this. Infinite disappointment”.

Recall that the yield did not share her husband with Vera Brezhneva.

As reported Politeka, Brezhnev without clothes showing hot video in your birthday.

Also Politeka wrote that Vera Brezhnev spoke about his main problem.