Breaking and entering: the suspect injured in an altercation with the victim

1162396(Pierreville) An individual who had committed a break and enter at a residence in Pierreville was injured after the occupant is in or physically attacked him on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

The suspect would be introduced shortly after midnight in a remote residence of the Way of the Commune in Pierreville. Inside the house were two occupants. One of them is then taken physically to the suspect and there was altercation.

According to Annie Thibodeau of the SQ, the suspect was taken to hospital for treatment of serious injuries but we do not fear for his life. Man present psychological problems.

For their part, the two occupants of the house underwent a violent nervous shock. The investigation was entrusted to the major crimes of the SQ and the forensic identification service will be dispatched on Tuesday to do some expertise to advance the investigation currently underway.

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