Brazen servants of the people brought Zelensky to rabies: “Salary on the table!”

Обнаглевшие слуги народа довели Зеленского до бешенства: "Зарплаты на стол!"

The scandal with the ear of the Servant of the people continued

So, the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “people’s servants” Alexander Kornienko publicly apologized to all Ukrainian and fellow parliamentarians for the actions of the deputies, who, during the plenary session voted by proxy card.

Обнаглевшие слуги народа довели Зеленского до бешенства: "Зарплаты на стол!"

For his part, Sergey Litvinenko and Elena Kohanchuk admitted their behaviour is unacceptable and promised to correct the mistake of giving his monthly salary to charity.

Note, there were reports that to apologize to a Servant of the people have not just – the head of state learned Vladimir Zelensky.

“Zelensky yesterday was furious after I found out about another knopkodavy from Servants of the People. Got everything. Today we see how the MPs from the “CH” began to “repent”. Say even give up my salary for this month. To start is to organize society, and then no!” writes Telegram-channel “woman with a scythe”.

Обнаглевшие слуги народа довели Зеленского до бешенства: "Зарплаты на стол!"

Similar information appeared on the Telegram-channel “Legitimate”

“Confirm the information that the President Zelensky has put strict ultimatum not only for those who will knopkodavit, but also those who are responsible for his group. If it again happens, then they will begin to “public flogging” and will initiate the removal of this MP. The group facilitator will also fall out of favor to the President. Zelensky yesterday really was furious. We do not envy the one who once again will want to press the button for himself and for his neighbor!” — stated in the message.

Обнаглевшие слуги народа довели Зеленского до бешенства: "Зарплаты на стол!"

We will remind, the Deputy from SN Sergey Litvinenko pushed the button for the Alexander skichko September 3, during the voting for the inclusion in the agenda of session of the bill on introducing amendments to articles 85 and 101 of the Constitution (regarding authorized lie).

He explained his actions by saying that the vote was necessary to provide a constitutional majority.

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Review Litvinenko in the session hall took his fellow party member Alexander Kunitsky.

When Kunitsky Litvinenko asked why he voted for the other Deputy, he was asked whom he speaks.

Seeing that kunitskaya – his colleague in the faction, Litvinenko said: “I want to tell you that we are the constitutional changes voted, we talked with Sasha (Alexander skichko, MP from the Servants of the people, who voted Litvinenko, ed.)… We were exhausted, I wanted most… It’s a constitutional majority was supposed to be… I was worried about it. And we talked to him he said that his position is the same as we all need to vote,” said Litvinenko.

Friends, if I bulatovas to the Verkhovna Rada, obsav You help our defenders of wyborcy, borates z such Ganebny avisem Yak the ear. That if I merezhi video in pobachiv, Yak miy colleges that oneparty — Sergiy Lytvynenko Oleksandr progolosuvav for SCCA, I don’t SMG promovati pchow to Demba dwellers vesnici Yogo Motivi TA Yogo medicine such an act.

Posted by Alexander Kunitsky on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Later, the movement HONESTLY recorded another non-personal voting in the Verkhovna Rada. For his colleague voted the right MP from the Servants of the people Elena Copany. She has not tried to justify their actions.

Recall that Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is prepared to reduce taxes Ukrainians, voiced terms.

We also reported that the MP is rigidly screwed directly in the session hall, the Ukrainians in anger: “Fire!”.