Brain-eating amoeba has deprived a woman of life: “water is a danger to millions”

Поедающая мозг амеба лишила женщину жизни: "вода несет опасность миллионам"

The woman went to the hospital after the attack, doctors were shocked by the cause of the disease

In Seattle in terrible agony the woman died, the body which has got the so-called “amoeba-brain eater”. Doctors were powerless to help her, so as to identify the real enemy was problematic. Immediately suspected a tumor.

It all started with terrible headaches, painful and ravaging to the patient. They were followed by severe epileptic seizures, although this woman with epilepsy did not suffer. Gospitalizirovany unfortunate, the doctors performed the examination on the unit of computed tomography, and found a suspicious blackout.

“Tumor”, with one voice decided the doctors and appointed the patient surgery.

Поедающая мозг амеба лишила женщину жизни: "вода несет опасность миллионам"

During surgery, doctors saw something that put them in shock and horror, despite the impressive medical experience. Chief surgeon Charles Cobbs told that the brigade under his leadership, who operated on the woman, couldn’t even take tissue samples. Part of my brain just turned into a bloody mess.

“When I operated on this woman, the area of her brain the size of a Golf ball, was just a bloody mess. These amoebas were all over the place, they just ate the brain cells. We didn’t understand what was happening, but when we got samples of the fabric, I realized what actually was the problem,” explained combs.

A deadly amoeba has been in the woman’s body through the nose, when she used a special device to clean the sinuses. A month after the operation the patient did not.

Поедающая мозг амеба лишила женщину жизни: "вода несет опасность миллионам"

Also earlier it was reported that the surfer Fabrizio Stabile died at the age of 29 years due to the fact that the amoeba ate his brain.

The young man has sharply worsened state of health. When he got to the hospital, doctors noted all the signs of a stroke. Stabile have had seizures, paralysis of limbs and incoherent speech. To save the surfer failed. But after the autopsy, doctors discovered in the brain of men amoeba Naegleria fowleri. It is one of the most dangerous one-celled organisms living in fresh water. It is reported by NBC.

The body struck the brain and nervous system. The man was diagnosed with amoebic meningoencephalitis. Presumably Stabile caught in the wave pool in Waco, Texas.

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