Brad Wall will come to Quebec to “sell” Energy

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, will be thrown into the lions’ den, next week, to defend the controversial Energy East pipeline project, TransCanada.

Mr. Wall will notably in Montreal on Thursday, where he will meet Prime Minister Philippe Couillard. Mr. Wall asked for the meeting, but did not deliver speeches.

The pipeline of 4600 km project, which will connect Alberta and Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, is currently the subject in Québec of a review of public hearings on the environment (BAPE).

The Premier of Saskatchewan, a province which also produces oil from oil sands, estimated that the pipeline should lead to an economic impact of $ 55 billion in Canada, with $ 4.3 billion in Saskatchewan and 9.3 billion $ in Quebec.

The leader of the Saskatchewan Party had mounted the barricades in social media, in January when the mayors of the Montreal region had announced their firm opposition to the project. Mr. Wall had then suggested elected officials to “kindly pay their share of the 10 billion equalization payments to which the west has contributed.”

Mr. Wall will also travel next week in Toronto and in New Brunswick, where the Liberal government of Brian Gallant is favorable to the project.

With this pipeline of $ 15.7 billion, TransCanada expects route each day over a million barrels of heavy oil from western Canada to refineries on the east and to the ferry terminal in Saint-Jean , New Brunswick.

Mr. Wall believes it is important to convey the message about the benefits related to the pipeline project.

“Our problem was not having taken every opportunity available to speak across the country and build the supports for the sector and for items such that Energy East,” said the Prime Minister on Thursday to legislative Assembly in Regina.

Wednesday in a speech at the Petroleum Club in Calgary before the Canadian producers and explorers Association (EPAC), Mr. Wall had expressed concern that the energy industry is losing the public relations battle against environmentalists.

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