Brad pitt has revealed the truth about the reunion with his ex-wife: “together Again”

Брэд Питт раскрыл правду о воссоединении с бывшей женой: «Снова вместе»

Hollywood actor brad pitt for the first time commented on the resumption of relations with his ex-wife

It is reported by the Clutch.

“At the beginning of may 2019, brad pitt and Jennifer aniston are back together. The reason for such suspicions was an expensive gift is Hollywood handsome his ex-wife. Gift for more than $ 79 million (about two billion hryvnia at the current exchange rate, approx. ed.) pitt made aniston at the 50th anniversary”, — stated in the message.

Брэд Питт раскрыл правду о воссоединении с бывшей женой: «Снова вместе»

While the actor himself commented on these rumors in just one sentence.

“Oh God,” said pitt with a big smile on her face.

Note that the relations of pitt and aniston ended in 2005.

“Since rumor has it that pitt still has feelings for an ex, and he wants to reconcile. Aniston split up with her husband Justin Theroux in March 2018, while razvodnye process brad pitt came to an end. So fans do not lose hope for the reunion of the couple,” reads the message.

As previously reported, the actress in an interview with reporters admitted that because of the constant struggle for good health, she developed bell’s palsy, in which muscles cease to obey, and as if numb.

According to her, acupuncture (direction to Chinese medicine, in which the impact on the body is made of special needles through specific points on the body — ed.) had a little help “revive” a person who doctors predict a positive result.

It is noted that the facial paralysis could be a result of the removal of the breast and ovaries, which star moved a few years ago for fear of Contracting cancer.

“I don’t know exactly what was the cause is menopause or just a tough year, — said Angelina. Often women, especially married, do not think about themselves until, while suddenly faced with problems of their own health…”.

Брэд Питт раскрыл правду о воссоединении с бывшей женой: «Снова вместе»

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