Brad pitt graced the cover of the new issue of Love magazine

Брэд Питт украсил обложку нового выпуска журнала Love

At the time brad pitt was called as the main sex symbol of Hollywood. And it is justified! Perfect figure, incredible charisma, a sexy shooting with his participation and the most beautiful woman in the world as spouses. In recent years, much has changed. Divorce with Angelina Jolie undermined both the spirit and physical state of the actor. His rare appearances began to cause the audience a smile, and sometimes even sympathy. But brad apparently decided that it is time to finish with the image of the sufferer, especially all getting better.

According to insiders, brad’s new girlfriend, which he is very passionate about. And the court took the side of the actor in matters of child custody. Why did he also not to regain the glory of the most sexy men of Hollywood? That’s what he did.

Pitt was the star of the September issue of the journal of Love and starred in the stylish and sexy photo shoot for publication. Leather jacket, short hair, bold eyes – they seem to think this brad fell in love millions of women around the world. In particular, Angelina Jolie. Bravo, you beauty!

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