Boxes shaped vandalized

plus-avoir-ete-devalisees-boites(Granby) Disappointment. Just over a month after their inauguration, almost all of the shaped boxes of the content has been stolen. The boxes for their part, were vandalized. A situation deplored cultural and community life of Granby (VCCG), originally the project.

The boxes were installed in late May with the goal of moving children from their neighborhood. All their content was available at any time, provided that users comply with the material, they leave it in the park and they relate to the box once they had finished playing.

A final rule was not followed, eventually. “It was faster in the Jean-Yves Phaneuf Park. In two weeks, there was nothing more, says Melody Poulin, youth coordinator at VCCG.Après a half months, it was the same for others. ”

Even if there is some trinkets here and there, the Coordinator estimated about $ 1000 total value of the stolen toys, mostly from sponsors or donated by citizens.

In addition to being robbed, the boxes were damaged and, in some case, destroyed. They were repaired and then damaged again. “Of course these are misdeeds, says Ms. Poulin. People can take our toys without breaking the box, it is never closed, so those who have broken the choice. ”

VCCG has not made any complaint to the police department of the City of Granby, but this possibility is not excluded if vandalism continues.

The organization will not drop the arms. “It’s a shame because there are people who are not always friendly, and it is others who pay the price laments Melody Poulin. But this is a community project, and for me it is important that we continue. ”

VCCG now seeking the help of the community to replenish its boxes in shape. “We can not put $ 1,000 of toys in our boxes every week, says Ms. Poulin. On the other hand, we do not want it to end, it’s so positive! People are really appropriate initiative. Children say thank you and they are really happy. ”

It is possible to deposit toys (balls, balls, hoops, badminton rackets, sticks, etc.) oneself in boxes, in parks Jean-Yves Phaneuf, Daniel Johnson and Fortin, or to Contact cultural and Community Life Granby (450) 361-6081 for more information.

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