Boulevard La Verendrye: $ 200,000 for a scoping study

etude-financee-quebec-ottawa-maisOttawa and Quebec will contribute $ 200,000 to the City of Gatineau to achieve by March 2017 scoping study for two separate projects for widening and extension of the boulevard La Verendrye.

The first involves the twinning of La Verendrye Boulevard West between the Greber Boulevard and Montуe Paiement, a stretch of 1.9 kilometers.

The second component is an extension of La Verendrye East, between Labrosse and Lorrain boulevards, a new stretch of 2.3 kilometers.

The announcement was made on Tuesday in the presence of MP for Gatineau, Steven MacKinnon, the MNA for Chapleau in Quebec, Marc Carrière, and the Mayor of Gatineau, Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin.

Ottawa and Quebec will share equally the costs of the study under the agreement for prioritized interventions on the road network in the area of ​​the national capital, said MacKinnon MP.

At the same time, the premiers Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard announced an important agreement of $ 2.5 billion on transport infrastructure and public drinking water for Quebec.

“Since my election, this is the first ad as part of this program and I am convinced that it will enable Gatineau residents have access to a safe and efficient highway network,” said MacKinnon MP.

“The study should define the projects more accurately and determine costs,” explained the deputy career.

This is the City of Gatineau will be responsible for the study, which should be completed by March 2017. However, it could still take several years before the two projects are realized, as they will have to pass several stages, including the environmental study of the BAPE.

“This opportunity study is only the first of several steps ahead. In this kind of project, we can often predict five years, “said the mayor Pedneaud-Jobin. The extension of La Verendrye eastward enlargement of the western section will improve the service sector and travel safety. ”

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