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“Botev” and “Septemvri” for the first time in the twenty-first century find out the relationship in the official match. Who will be stronger this time? Our forecast for this fight.


” Botev ” at the moment is the most productive team championship. True, they not only score a lot, but they also miss it. “Canaries” took seventh place last season, so this time they plan to climb a little higher. Wards of Nikolai Kirov for a two-week pause had to work out the defense, because it prevents any tops.


” Septemvri ” has an incredibly strong spirit that we see absolutely in every game. Except for the game with Ludogortsev , we simply do not remember when the September ones missed more than two goals per game. Discipline helps the club reliably play defense, but with the attack, it’s just a huge problem. The obvious shortage of performers in front of crosses out all the chances of players to maintain residence in the main league of the country.

Statistics and personal meetings

” Septemvri ” Sofia lost all three last matches.
In each of the last four matches of ” Botev ” Plovdiv, more than two goals were scored.
” Botev ” Plovdiv did not play a draw in the last four games.


We hesitate a bit in the choice of the bet for this match. On the one hand, the hosts are very productive this season, and their defense does not differ teamwork, but we do not expect a productive match. After a pause, the teams will not rush into the attack, and the strong defensive redoubts of the guests will provide us with a “ground” duel.

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