Botched kidnapping attempt?

1215150Blanchet Beach Gatineau Park was the scene of a scene for less singular Saturday.

Witnesses who prefer to remain anonymous, a man showed up at the beach with a bloody head wound. He was leaning against a picnic table and tried somehow to contain runoff.

A Good Samaritan would have contacted 9-1-1. The man seemed aware of what was going on and answered the questions of the operator that were sent to it by the Good Samaritan.

Always according to witnesses, the man had reported being victim of a kidnapping attempt. We would have struck him a blow to the head with a metal object before locking her in the trunk of a car.

The individual would then described being able to extricate the trunk. From there he walked to time to meet at Blanchet Beach.

Gatineau City Police Department seemed aware of the incident when contacted by Le Droit, but a spokesman said the Public Security of the MRC des Collines is responsible for shedding light on this case and pin them possible perpetrators of this individual.

Le Droit has however not been able to reach a spokesperson for the police department on Sunday to get information on this investigation.

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