Bose has created wireless headphones for sleeping

The company Bose has created wireless headphones designed for sleep. He drown out unwanted noises and allow you to sleep without being distracted by various kinds of sounds.

The company announced that it raises funds for the creation of earplugs for sleeping, which are called Sleepbuds. Bose asked for 50 thousand dollars, and now collected more than 400 thousand. Previously, you could order the headset for $ 150, but the first batch sold out pretty quickly. When the headphones present in the market, the cost will be $ 250.

Headphones can drown out all that noise for a restful sleep, whether it’s the sound of the cars on the street or a snoring spouse. Included with Sleepbuds is possible to detect the charging device and the application that you created to install background sound. Everyone who buys a headset, will be able to put any cool for a man sound in the background, for example, the sound of the sea, or the rustle of leaves.

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