Boris korchevnikov: an Authentic experience is the love of one woman all his life

Борис Корчевников: Подлинный опыт – это любовь к одной женщине всю жизнь

TV presenter Boris korchevnikov told why he at 35 is still not married and lives with his mother.

The head of the TV channel “Spas”, host of “the Destiny of man” on the “Russia 1”, the former face of the show “live”, a soap star and a good person Boris korchevnikov in his 35 years still not married. honest conversation with Boris: how is it that such an eligible bachelor is still single?

“To marry never too late”

– Boris, I once asked how things are going with your personal life. And you said, “Personal life? What is it?” And now?

For a while, how long have we not seen, nothing has changed. I asked then, because for a long time do not share personal and private life. I really don’t have anything “personal”, i.e., closed, or secret. Try everywhere, with everyone and with yourself to be the same, equal. Not to do so to this I would like to hide. Because of these “hide” then you have to pay dearly.

Alas… I had hoped to finally get an invitation to your wedding – because you promised.

– You know I’m good for it, and in this sense it will keep when it happens.

I saw your interview with Timur Kizyakov in his program “one” – you said you really want to get married, I want children. Why still not work?

– I have stopped to ask this question. The answers came very different. But, apparently, their time. Marry never too late. Whatever may be said. And then I find it easier to trust God – so He knows best how it should be. In the end, this whole pattern of destiny I will only see maybe at the end of life. And maybe after death. While you are on the inside of the villi, you can’t see the pattern of the whole carpet. Need to break away – and then appears the logic of all that has happened to you in life.

– Face – to-face person can not see…

– …Large seen from a distance… by the Way, this is Esenin’s poem about the breakup too.

– Where are you looking for your soulmate?

– I don’t paint scenarios. Life passes at work, so probably more chance of meeting their man is at work.

– Not afraid of romance?

– And we have everything in life is in some sense “official”. Apartments, cars, telephones and novels too. We are all here on a business trip. And nothing of his own.

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– Why do you still live with your mother? Didn’t want to start a completely independent life?

– She’s with my mom – self. The gospel says: “Leave father and mother and cleave to his wife”. So as soon as to whom to cling, move. In fact there’s no total for all formulas. Someone useful are more likely to leave from parents, to build everything yourself, others need to be with family. The third – and by all build, and be a shoulder for your family for years to come. Maybe it’s my case, though, I come home only at night. But all the time.

Борис Корчевников: Подлинный опыт – это любовь к одной женщине всю жизнь

– When you get married, you begin to rent an apartment or buy? Not thought about it yet?

– There is one law – one must first create a family, but these are all external things as the Lord shall give. Especially when the children appear.

– So you’re a supporter of views: God has given his children, God will give to children?

– I am a witness to this around. My poor friends, as soon as it became large, and became rich. But not Vice versa. This law iron works.

– So you’ll be large and rich, I suppose?

– This is synonymous. If wealth be understood not only as money, but as something genuine. Sure, those who dare not to give birth in families, robbing themselves.

“But before that… it was very painful”

– You met my sister when my father died, two years ago. You communicate with her or did not happen?

– We don’t communicate as they should to communicate native people, but we are always connected. I stayed at Natasha more than once, I have a wonderful niece – she’s very playful instagram!

– You have many friends?

– My closest friends – two families with children. With the father of one family I know already soon 20 years. When I was last at the birthday party of his godson, there were children from all over the township, and for me it was a genuine miracle, because I remember your friend in another of his life – alone, in the path itself, of the profession. And today, in front of me a man that is so cool realized in life, in the family – and in this he is for me an incredible example. Another family is endlessly talented people. Almost all their children learn to artists. And the head of the family himself is a very talented painter, jeweler. And we joined the temple in which I go. Before, when I after a long filming was devastated inside, I came to their house at any time of the day, had a night to just be with them, breathe in the amazing ambience of a large Orthodox family where the joy in everything… There are still people who are called friends. But many of them.

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– Because once?

Because friendship is something sacred. A friend is another me. And it’s time for some huge companies, when in my house, especially in my mother’s absence, going the entire course is all over. And one of those large meetings in life left…

– You are often faced with the betrayal?

– (Thinking.) …I have a life before I got to know God, and then. Here the life to the Church, happened the betrayal of friends, the girl was in love. All the corny… When I found out God, my surroundings began to change very much. Quietly. Not immediately.

– By itself, or you began to move away from these people?

– You know, all of this happened organically. Apparently it was like this: me Church “burned” at the same time, when there was shooting in “Kadetstvo”, I almost half a year lived not in Moscow but in Tver, we worked there. I tore off all the old environments, and old sins too, and habits, all the same. All these six years I have grown in God really is. Life gradually acquires brand new books, people… Most Christians. And in this life the last 12 years, the betrayal is not. But before that… it was very painful.

– Then you’re a lucky man.

Maybe. Understand the betrayal of the people of the Church is difficult to imagine because the traitor, whatever it was, imitate Judas.

– Boris, but admit it, how many not very good people still go to Church!

– I don’t know, I used to watch myself more… I’m not a very nice person too – and go. In this sense, Yes, I agree with you.

– Why do you think that you’re not very good people?

– Familiar with them… But the men of the Church had not betrayed me never one.

“Cardiac disease is the most trudnoperevarimoy”

– How many women have you loved?

– Here is the case when the number of works in minus and not a plus. It seems to me that authentic experience is the love of one woman all his life. And when I look at these couples… That’s Alla Demidova in the “Destiny of man” talked about her husband. 56 years with the famous writer Vladimir Valutsky! 56 years together! One love! He retired recently from cancer, but if this didn’t happen, then how beautiful it was they would have an old age… did You notice the age of people who have lived together their whole lives? This is kind touch of God, the incredible tenderness of men and women… When you look at two elderly people and they offer you some kind of third world: in them there is neither him nor her. They are both doors to some beauty, something transcendent. Therefore, any counting of loves is intresult. The more, the further postponed the creation of family and of quiet happiness, which I told you.

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And don’t you think it’s better than anyone not to love?

– I never met a man who had never loved anyone.

– And I have met – they are by nature incapable of love.

– Well, you never know pathologies. Cardiac disease is the most trudnoperevarimoy.

Борис Корчевников: Подлинный опыт – это любовь к одной женщине всю жизнь

– Do you think you will not regret if you ever about how there was your destiny? Right now there is something, what you regret in your past?

– It is possible to regret about the actions of the former, about the insults thrown about falling. But I look at this and realize: my whole life was probably in order such that I always learned not to judge others. I myself in a former life nasty. And God and those who loved me – otherwise it was not. They gave me so much love, so much care, so abruptly changed my life.

– Do you think you can still get back in “live”? Theoretically? For example, Andrey Malakhov returned to the “First” or even decides to leave the TV and you’re called back…

– I think that we people are very stable… do You remember the story of lot’s wife (biblical figure turned into a pillar of salt, looking back at celestial fire destroying the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. – Ed.)? Don’t look back… Andrew and I are now at home. Our home is a team of RTR. And the Church in which we too often see.

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