Boom Desjardins, between houses and songs

passage-journal-y-quelques-joursDuring the past three years, Boom Desjardins has honored his name. Became real estate developer in Val-d’Or, he participated in the construction of 96 homes, which required many blasting operations. It was the price to pay to meet the housing shortage that prevailed in that city.

“I’ve always gravitated to the construction and as there was a problem accessing the house, I opened the equivalent of 96 doors, including townhouses and blocks. This has worked well. Everything is sold or leased, but now the market is quiet, “said singer on Friday during an interview with the Daily.

This is not the end of this adventure, since Boom Desjardins has 900 lots up a property. Sooner or later, the helmet and the “disabilities” will re-boots of his clothing, but at this time, another kind of construction takes served.

Its cornerstone was laid on May 6, the day of the official release of Underground. This solo album was created in a hurry, the artist is given ten days to tie up the songs and save them with four musicians, inside a chalet.

Some of them were old friends, including drummer Yanick Boivin, who is participating in its projects for 15 years. “For this to work, an intense workshop, it takes a form of synergy. Now, each of us had accumulated things that have been exploited during the sessions, “explains Boom Desjardins.

New music, new tone

The big news, at least for the public, was to see how the point Clandestine steeped in bluegrass and folk. This results in tones that some liken to the country, a genre to which the guy from Abitibi has pledged allegiance long ago.

“In the performances of La Chicane as in mine, there has always been a country block because it’s part of my world. It did not shout too loudly in time, while today it is made in fashion, “says Boom Desjardins, smiling.

He who has built a reputation balladeer has the opportunity to explore different atmospheres. Except I will wait, inspired by a rupture experienced by one of the musicians made it into the road song, and in fantasy, like I have no friends.

“I find it fun to make things lighter. In the new album, we recognize more things we live everyday. It is not always heartbreak “argues Boom Desjardins. Proud of his compositions, he gives three years to make them live on stage, first in festivals and indoor beginning of autumn.

“With the tunes that have transcended time, my audience is large and loyal. I look forward to tour Quebec favoring small rooms, places where people are relaxed. I take this opportunity to celebrate 20 years of Calvary in 2017. I started before, but for me, it’s still the starting point ‘, states Boom Desjardins.

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