Books to unite generations

president-honneur-28e-salon-livre(Trois-Rivieres) Too often, our contemporary society dig ditches between generations, says author Robert Lalonde.

The honorary president of the 28th Book Fair deplores the reality that separates people and causes that two solitudes, young one side and the older of the other.

“It is important to me, because on the one hand, it concerns me and I saw him, and secondly because I see the damage when there is no relationship between the generations.

I keep hearing formulations which I find very cruel, harsh, young to older people or older people on young people, “says Robert Lalonde in interview that invites readers of all ages to participate in the great book meeting of Three Rivers.

“We live in a society in the West at least, where transmission of knowledge is hidden.”

The latest novel by the Honorary President of the Three Rivers Book Fair is just interested in the relationships between generations, to those between a teacher and a student. The little thief published by Boréal addresses links between Anton Chekhov and young writer. Himself teacher for most of his life, Robert Lalonde admits hold in high esteem mentoring.

“My role [of honorary president] is mainly a host role. If I can make writers and readers who are there to meet, talk, find, it’ll be fine. If I can do a job mentoring with people who will be there, it will be mission accomplished, “he notes.

A book fair is of course the opportunity for a writer to meet his readers. These can also be, depending on their life experiences and their ages, different readings of the same novel.

Robert Lalonde then explains that reader comments allow him to refine his creative process.

“Some writers have an unpardonable defect that is not to think about the readers. […] It takes some time to meet with readers at events like book fairs. […] Not whether our written format according to the public, but we must think of him. ”

Despite numerous requests in the past, Robert Lalonde has never been honorary president of a book fair. This time, however, he did not resist the request of the organizers of the Trois-Rivieres.

Guided by his heart and the love of books, he accepted this heavy responsibility. Because this task is not easy, as envisaged by the author and actor.

“It is rather the tone of callers who do we decide whether we accept or not. Those concerned the show in recent years do especially in a spirit of love of books and sharing, rather than in a commercial spirit, “says the president of honor.

“One size salon that of Three Rivers suits me more. We have the possibility of meeting between authors and build relationships. It is more user friendly. ”

Former lecturer at the Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres and collaborator of the publishing house Writings des Forges is familiar ground in Trois-Rivieres.

Robert Lalonde has also only good words for the regional literary scene. “There is a good breeding ground for young writers in the corner,” he says.

“The city is far enough away from Montreal and far enough from Quebec, at the same time being close enough to Montreal and Quebec close enough to have an interesting cultural dynamism.”

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