“Books must be read!”: there were details with the Ukrainian mayor, who privselyudno called “Gan*hold”

«Книжки надо читать!»: появились подробности с украинским мэром, которого привселюдно назвали «Ган*оном»

In the Internet appeared the details of the scandal with one of the mayors, near Kiev, which previously has called “Gan*hold”

It is reported by “KP in Ukraine”.

“The mayor has allowed state enterprise “Service” to stocking our river, Roska. And the people gathered to protest – because then the fish will not start. I have a mayor Ruslan Microcom relationship is not very. So here’s the argument. I told him: “You Scumbag”. Repeated several times,” — said the hero of the scandal Igor Savlukov.

According to men, the first trial he lost. But because integrity did not pay.

“I before the conflict was googling on the Internet is the word. And saw that the French writer fiction Dick wrote. Our mayor is also fiction. The electric cars going in our city to release the starch factory to build. I it to the judge in Sochi has told. They say that the mayor was not offended, and compared it with the French science fiction writer Yves Gandon. And she said, “You’re in school, there is not a writer!” I say that the school Condom was not, and in literature it is. What do you mean, then it’s your problem. In General, I lost that case. The judge wrote in the decision the wrong word, using the letter “o”, and decided that it is a curse”, he stressed.

At the same time, the lawyer Roman Corot said that the judge of appellate court of Kiev came to the conclusion that there is no conclusive evidence to prove the guilt of men. According to the law, the doubt shall be resolved in favor of the defendant. But she made a mistake – fixed “about” with “and”, but the word itself is written with a small letter “g”.

As previously reported, one court of Kiev closed the case against the men, who called the mayor in “GAND*nom”. This is stated in the Unified registry of court decisions.

So, we are talking about the conflict between the mayor Titaeva Ruslan Microcom and local resident Igor Savlukov.

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During a meeting of the local community about the stocking of the river, the man called the official “GAND*Mr.”, after which he threatened court. Before that, he tried to beat the activist, but the people are not given.

“The lawyer and partner of law “majors, Nersesian & partners” Corot Anna won the case and proved that the word “Gan*he” expressed an in the side of the face is not swearing, and cannot be the basis for prosecution, but merely a characteristic of a person tells a fantastic things,” he said.

In court the man said that his phrase “GAND*n” he compared the mayor with the French science fiction writer “Yves Gandon”.

«Книжки надо читать!»: появились подробности с украинским мэром, которого привселюдно назвали «Ган*оном»

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As reported Politeka Kernes scored a new controversial statement: “not war and confrontation.”

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