Bono in Ukraine: Pray for your peace and freedom

Боно в Украине: Молюсь за ваш мир и свободу

The leader of U2 is urged to fight corruption because it “kills more children than AIDS in Africa”.

The leader of the cult Irish band U2, Bono, first came to Ukraine. During his speech at the YES on 15 September he said that Ukraine should fight for peace and freedom.

Bono said that he was praying for Ukraine, this struggle was not physical but spiritual. He also told me how much corruption is harmful to the population and called to fight it.

“Corruption kills more children in Africa than HIV / AIDS or malaria. But she have the vaccine – it’s called transparency, open government, civil society,” he said.

The leader of the band U2, noted the important role of new technologies in the fight against corruption.

Earlier, Bono said the main weapon in the fight against organizations such as ISIS can be humor and Comedy.

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