Bombarded with “red snow”: there was video of the incident in the Ukraine, details

Засыпало «красным снегом»: появилось видео ЧП в Украине, подробности

Residents of the city of Kremenets in Ternopil region suffer from permanent red snow

This unusual phenomenon they “provide” local Elevator, which is always buzzing, and the sound added to vibration in buildings from wagons of grain. This is stated in the story TSN. (To see the video prostrollo down).

People need to adjust the Elevator so that nothing rained on their heads.

Засыпало «красным снегом»: появилось видео ЧП в Украине, подробности

The owners argue that to do anything with it impossible.

“Unfortunately, the process of drying corn that’s what happens. And it at all one hundred percent, the elevators on the territory of Ukraine”, – says the businessman Vyacheslav Storm.

Засыпало «красным снегом»: появилось видео ЧП в Украине, подробности

Daring Kamensky flashed butt in leather pants: “*faddah just fire”

According to him, the company pays at least eleven million hryvnia in the year of tax in local budgets. However, in Kremenetskiy district administration assure that the district budget no receipts from the Elevator was not. The city Council gave the same response. In Belokrinitskoy the village Council reported that all of the proceeds from the Elevator for a year are less than 200 thousand hryvnia.

Where are announced by the owner of the Elevator, the tax millions, refused to comment and fiscal services. Although it is known — the company is not the first year is suing the IRS about the unpaid debt in especially large sizes. So people are demanding the closure of the Elevator. His owner asks to wait — season drying of corn will be over in a matter of days, and the next will be as much as a year.

Засыпало «красным снегом»: появилось видео ЧП в Украине, подробности

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