Bogdan broke out in earnest in the absence Zelensky, the Ukrainians did not expect: photos

Богдан разошелся не на шутку в отсутствие Зеленского, такого украинцы не ожидали: фото

Andrey Bogdan held an important meeting during the visit of Vladimir Zelensky in Odessa

On Friday, October 11, the President went with a working visit to Odessa. At the time of his visit the head of the Office of the President did not remain idle: Bogdan met with the ambassadors of the countries “Big seven”.

He thanked them for their assistance to Ukraine, stressing that Kiev considers their support as a key factor for the implementation of future reforms.

The main theme of the meeting was the situation in the Donbass. So, attendees discussed the preparations for the breeding strength in Gold and Petrovsky, but Bogdan told the diplomats about the expectations of the Ukrainian side of the meeting in the Normandy format.

Богдан разошелся не на шутку в отсутствие Зеленского, такого украинцы не ожидали: фото

The participants of the meeting devoted to new legislative initiatives aimed at the modernization of Ukraine. The ambassadors assured Bogdan in unconditional continued support of our country.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that after the President of the Russian promoters “dumped” the head of the PP Andrey Bogdan.

The incident occurred in new York, where the UN General Assembly.

In particular, the head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan spoke with a top promoter of the Kremlin by Yevgeny Popov.

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In the beginning of the conversation the priests asked Andrew Bogdan how he assessed the prospects of a meeting between President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin.

“I think they will be. The only one who will still be present in these negotiations”, – said the head of the organization and hinted that it involves the “Norman format”.

Богдан разошелся не на шутку в отсутствие Зеленского, такого украинцы не ожидали: фото

He also added that he hoped that the Zelensky meeting with Putin will take place in October and will be fruitful. However, the associate President stressed that increasingly will depend on the Russian Federation.

“We believe that we can solve everything. But it depends in a large part from the desire of the Russian leadership. Why you as journalists and your audience how civil society should also give signals to their power that the world with Ukraine is necessary for the development of both countries. Thank you very much that you took the time to talk with me”, bright potrollit Bogdan Popov advocate for increased attention to the new Ukrainian authorities.

We will remind, Bogdan decided to leave Zelensky, there was an unexpected statement.

As reported Politeka, the mobile game with the President, Bogdan Ko is gaining popularity.

Also Politeka wrote that father Bogdan revealed the secret about his son: I saved the “backing an envelope” in case will not stand hard work.