Bodyguard of Michael Jackson told why he wore a mask: “the greatest mystery”

Телохранитель Майкла Джексона рассказал, зачем он носил маску: «величайшая загадка»

The greatest mystery of the masks of Michael Jackson unexpectedly revealed his bodyguard

The bodyguard of the singer said that in ordinary life, Michael Jackson was a “normal guy.”

Bodyguard of Michael Jackson Matt Fiddes decided to answer the question that has long tormented fans of American pop king Michael Jackson – for which he wears a face mask. Interview with Videcom published by the British newspaper Metro.

Телохранитель Майкла Джексона рассказал, зачем он носил маску: «величайшая загадка»

So, a bodyguard who worked with Jackson for 10 years, said the mask to the singer was necessary to his person had not died away the interest of fans and the press.

“He knew how to manipulate journalists and how to get on page one. In 90 percent of cases it worked, especially the patch, which was his favorite technique. Jackson wanted to his life was the greatest mystery in the world,” said Matt Fiddes.

The bodyguard also added that in ordinary life, Michael Jackson was a “normal guy” and “never went to this makeup.”

As for the accusations of Jackson of child molestation, the bodyguard called it complete nonsense.

Jackson explained Fiddes, also sought to reveal their sexual orientation to whet the interest of the press.

The bodyguard added that the king of pop did not want “to disappoint the fans and to destroy mystical illusion around him.”

Earlier we wrote that Anna Sedokova impressed network the new way, who boasted on his Instagram.

Lately mouth-watering Anna Sedokova has repeatedly surprised fans, trying on men’s looks — the singer posed in a suit and even with a mustache. She seems perfectly accustomed to the role, as once again stunned fans a few unexpected ways.

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Телохранитель Майкла Джексона рассказал, зачем он носил маску: «величайшая загадка»

In Instagram artist published a photo, which appeared in dark blue men’s suit with a tie and white shirt. A striking complement to the hat to match, and also the cigar, which Anna keeps sensual mouth, her lips parted.

Their long curls she left her and defiantly looks at the camera, slightly squinting.

Most subscribers really liked this transformation of the singer in the review have compared it with the secret agent and mafia and just filled with lots of compliments.

Recall, the beauty, the daughter of Michael Jackson was immediately operated on without anesthesia.

As reported Politeka, Michael Jackson was deprived of manhood in childhood.

Also Politeka wrote what popped up the shocking mystery of Michael Jackson why he changed the skin color