Bob Rae derides a tribute Trudeau to Harper

ancien-chef-interimaire-bob-raeThe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered a rare tribute to his predecessor Stephen Harper on Saturday but a senior member of his party seems to have appreciated.

The former interim leader Bob Rae was filmed placing two fingers in his mouth – as if to vomit – during this part of speech.

Rae later declined to comment on his action, which was captured on video by The Canadian Press.

The sequence, shared on Twitter, quickly went viral, and it caused hilarity among some liberals and consternation among others.

Bob Rae made this gesture during the speech of Justin Trudeau, who for the first time at the Winnipeg Convention was addressed to members from the Liberal victory in the fall.

After biting sometimes his conservative opponents, Mr. Trudeau is serious again recalling that political opponents were “not enemies”, but rather “neighbors and friends”.

“There are only a handful of people alive who know what it’s like to work (Prime Minister). And I can tell you, even if you were not admirers of its policies, we can not doubt the commitment of Stephen Harper to his country, “he said.

Mr. Trudeau asked the Liberals to join him in thanking Mr. Harper for “his many years in public service.”

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