BMW can stop production of the GT 3-series

Компания BMW может снять с производства GT 3-й серии

BMW Blog, citing unnamed sources, said that the hatchback BMW 3 series GT can be removed from production in 2020.

Despite the fact that the information is unofficial, the rumors about that company’s decision to go for a long time. According to earlier news, the Bavarian automaker might combine GT 3-series and Gran Coupe 4-series in the same model.

At the moment, the biggest markets for the GT 3-series are China, Germany and the United States, while BMW notes that most buyers of this car were the new brand BMW.

In recent years, the global automotive market are increasingly popular crossovers, and BMW has too wide a range of models 3 and 4-series, including sedan, wagon, coupe, convertible, liftback and hatchback. It is therefore not surprising if the first victim of the reduction will be just the GT 3 series.

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