BMP: Baby Friendly … with honors

premier-hopital-pays-avoir-obtenu(Cowansville) New Honour hospital Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins and the local health service network and social services La Pommeraie. Institutions have indeed achieved “Baby Friendly” to a 4th and a 3rd consecutive times, honorable mention and more. A first marking the “exceptional” nature of perinatal services in the region, highlight artisans.

Launched in 1991 by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, the initiative of the Baby Friendly Hospital helped certify more than 21 000 health institutions in more than 131 countries. In Quebec, over 66 hospitals where deliveries are practiced, only five have received the seal, said Johanne Fleurent, assistant director of youth programs, perinatal and early childhood sector CIUSSS.

First hospital in the country to be certified, particularly because of its efforts to promote and protect breastfeeding, BMP also becomes the first in Quebec to see it renewed for a third time. Same thing with CLSC La Pommeraie, who became the first to obtain certification for a third time on.

The deputy director general for social programs and rehabilitation of the CIUSSS Estrie- CHUS, Carol Fillion, underlined “the exceptional nature of the certification” and “highly commended the Ministry (of Health and Social Services) confirming the leadership status “of the hospital breastfeeding promotion. Moreover, the organization wants to extend this practice to all its facilities.

“What is interesting is that in the territory of La Pommeraie, it does much more than simply promoting breastfeeding. There is a human, integrated and preventive. This is where the beauty and richness of the model, which has practical implications, “said the Director of Public Health CIUSSS Estrie – CHUS, Dr. Mélissa Généreux.

Healthier Babies

The rate of breastfeeding mothers at hospital discharge, as well as to return home, remains higher, at 77%, than the Quebec average of 64%, says the specialist.

Much more than “the best gift from a mother to her child,” Breastfeeding has real health benefits of newborns, also argued Ms. Généreux. Babies are at less risk of contracting infectious diseases. According to Ms. Generous, the infant hospitalization rate is 10% lower than elsewhere in the region and Quebec. “That translates into about fifty children from 0 to hospitalizations a year younger than elsewhere,” she illustrates.

The expertise of the team was repeatedly stressed during the press conference, which ended with the surrender to all employees of the birth department, a letter of appreciation for their dedication .

“Successes like those of today would not be possible without the work of staff, said Mr. Fillion. Many families want to give birth to BMP. ”

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