Blue Flag Beaches All Over The World

The Blue Flag is considered one of the most recognized voluntary eco-labels in the world. It’s awarded to beaches, sustainable boating tourism operators, and marinas. To qualify for a Blue Flag, certain criteria should be fulfilled and maintained. This includes the environmental, safety and accessibility, and educational criteria.

Beautiful beaches with aquamarine waters, a few caves, and secluded spots have been awarded Blue Flags for being eco-friendly and their beauty beyond belief. Currently, there are more than 4,000 blue flag beaches and marinas across 49 countries in the world.

white sand, black flipflops, aquamarine water

Here are some Blue Flag Beaches that you might want to visit around the world.

Thassos, Greece

As a country with the most beautiful landscapes and beaches, Greece definitely tops this list. The country, with 1,000 islands, have not just the best but also the safest beaches on Earth. One of the best beaches in Greece is Thassos. This island, part of the North Aegean Sea, offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the country with the bluest waters and incredible natural setting.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha, Portugal

Portugal has become a surfing paradise thanks to its giant waves. But the waves aren’t all that Portugal has to offer. This country, too, has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. The Praia da Rocha Baixinha (Low Rock Beach) or Praia dos Tomates (Tomatoes Beach) in the Algarve area is a favorite of beach lovers. The beach offers clear water, privacy and less-crowded spots, ample space, and a great nightlife with pubs and clubs that make evenings more thrilling.

Kaputaş, Turkey

The Foundation for Environmental Education had noticed Turkey’s gorgeous Kaputaş beach. The foundation awarded the blue flags and decided to add the Turkey beach to their rankings. With its white sand and bluish waters, Kaputaş is remarkably beautiful and offers a relaxing vibe for a soothing day at the beach.

Palombaggia, France

France, being among the top three blue-flagged beaches of the world, is not only good for a romantic getaway but also for its stunning beaches. Palombaggia, with its white sand, and clear blue waters shaded by pine trees, offers a gorgeous panorama of the Cerbicale. The fave bare islands are popular with the birds and classified as a nature reserve.

Caló des Moro, Spain

Spain is not only about Ibiza, Formentera, and Barcelona, and it’s also rich with the most stunning beaches. Caló des Moro, a blue flagged beach on the island of Mallorca, is marked by its striking shores that are sure to blow your mind away.

Spotorno, Italy

Italy is famous for its food and architecture. But the country also offers beautiful beaches that are not to be overlooked. Spotorno, a village awarded with a blue flag, is famous for the charming views it offers, one that can only be found in the country. The municipality also offers a hill rich with olives, maritime pines, and grapevines. The classic green of the maquis greatly complements the blue of the Spotornese sea.

Shinjimyeong Sasimri Beach, South Korea

The Shinjimyeong Sasimri Beach of South Korea is a beach in Wando-gun, South Jeolla Province, awarded the Blue Flag certification by the Environmental Education Foundation (EEF) in Denmark. As the first Korean beach to be given Blue Flag certification, the Wando beach was highly valued for its “air vitamins,” which are oxygen-rich anions, and the natural beauty it has. Shinjimyeong Sasimri Beach offers fine-white sand with tails and forests around it. It was certified as Blue Flag after a painstaking evaluation.

Wakasa Wada Beach, Japan

This Japanese beach is actually Asia’s first Blue Flag beach. Wakasa Wada beach is located north of Kyoto in Fukui Prefecture along the Sea of Japan. It is a stunning beach that offers mountain views, aquamarine water, and one of the country’s Top 100 sunsets.

The Wakasa Wada beach also offers a great number of things you can do. This includes scenic cycling routes, areas for BBQ, and different water sport activities!

Saadiyat Beach, UAE

The Saadiyat Beach in UAE has clean, white sand stretching out along its wide shore. It definitely kept its reputation as one of the best beach locations in the UAE. The beach offers many activities like beach yoga classes, eco-friendly watersports activities (such as sailing and windsurfing), and more. They also have attentive staff and leisure outlets ready to help you make the most out of your stay.

There are also local authorities on the beach that are bent on preserving the natural environment. They dedicated a dune protection zone and put restrictions on development. A wooden boardwalk can only access the beach. This resulted in the area becoming rich with native wildlife, including the Hawksbill turtles, the critically endangered species that use Saadiyat Beach as their nesting ground. The hatching sites are well-protected by strict environmental measures with trained personnel put on patrol, regularly monitoring turtle numbers.