Bloodbath staged right in the cafe, a lot of victims: first details and video of the tragedy

Кровавую бойню устроили прямо в кафе, много погибших: первые данные и видео трагедии

At least four people were killed during the shooting at one of the bars in the American city of Kansas city

On it informs TV channel CNN.(to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end)

According to police, a man walked into a cafe and shot nine people. The incident occurred on the night local time.

The five victims hospitalized, they are all in stable condition. The shooter is still not arrested. Data about his personality and motives were reported.

Кровавую бойню устроили прямо в кафе, много погибших: первые данные и видео трагедии

Also the police does not exclude that the suspect in the shooting did not act alone. Investigators are studying records of CCTV cameras. The area near the bar cordoned off.

Earlier in Paris there was an armed attack. According to preliminary data, killed five people, including striker.

Reportedly, the assassin attacked with a knife at the four officers who received injuries incompatible with life.

Кровавую бойню устроили прямо в кафе, много погибших: первые данные и видео трагедии

According to unofficial sources, the suspect was himself an Executive officer of the Prefecture, he was shot by one of the officers.

Due to the incident, the interior Minister of France Christophe Castaner canceled a visit to Turkey and arrived in the Central Prefecture of police. It was here that he was attacked.

The identity and motives of the killer are still unknown. The quarter where the building was cordoned off by militiamen.

Recall that in the American University there was a series of suicides. A new case was registered on the day. The victim was head of the psychological service of the University of Pennsylvania Gregory Hills.

According to local media reports, a man jumped from the 17th floor of a building in downtown Philadelphia. It is known that he was only 52 years old. Before the death of Gregory told the students about the prevention of suicides.

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The man left a wife and three children. What caused such an act, nobody knows. Ills did not leave a suicide note. However, relatives said the American had complained of problems at work.

In the above-mentioned University are often recorded suicide, in particular, for the last six years, 14 students have committed suicide.

Earlier we wrote that the Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi on Wednesday announced in Baghdad under curfew. Note to the elite anti-terrorist troops opened fire on protesters. So, on 2 October in Baghdad, police used tear gas and started shooting to disperse people.

According to different sources, as a result of firing on demonstrators died seven to nine people. Earlier, curfew was imposed in the cities of Nasiriyah, al-Amara and hill.

Now in Iraq have limited access to the Internet, because of anti-government protests. The government blocked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Recall, the shooting took place in Kiev, brought together doctors and the police.

Also Рoliteka wrote, the shooting occurred in the Ukrainian resort, preparing the assault.

As Рoliteka reported that inadequate shot visitors of cafe in Kiev came soon.