Blonde Kamensky was intrigued by the teaser to the clip

Блондинка Каменских заинтриговала тизером к клипу

The star has posted on his page the video, which she with white curly hair stands at the bus stop.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky working on first solo album under the pseudonym NK, has released a teaser for the new clip. Video to the track Broke on stars in Instagram.

Video Kamensky and a few more people are on public transport. The singer adorned with white curly hair, in a beige corset and skin-tight shorts were standing tied to the side skirt. The remaining members of the stage in clothes of the same color also undress.

Complements the image of the singer stiletto heels. Video for six hours and collected more than 148 thousand likes. The full premiere will take place on the evening of October 11, 2018.

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Publication from NK | Nastia Kamenskykh (@kamenskux) 11 Oct 2018 1:16 PDT

The last clip Kamensky for the song Peligroso disturbance in the Network due to its frankness. Later opravivshis Kamensky suspected pregnancy, criticizing a star shape in the photo with Miami.

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