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Doctor of philological Sciences Alexander Ponomarev answers the questions of readers.

Reader Olga writes: why is the dative case on the question of who, why need to use such a strange shape to Taras Shevchenko, is simple and logical to Taras Shevchenko? How and why there was such a rule?

Such questions can ask those Ukrainians that nothing can change your consciousness in the Ukrainian way, because at the end of masculine nouns in the dative case singular -ow, -EW eve – native Ukrainian and has appeared together with the birth of the Ukrainian language.

Such termination is in the Polish and Czech languages, but they are not in the Russian language. Therefore, Russians and Russified Ukrainians, they seem to be “strange”. And for native speakers authentic Ukrainian language, it is natural to say: help dad write a letter to his brother, say thank you comrade, happy rain , and the like. Sometimes these endings are used even in nouns neuter: “I Hope from the sea, very much, thank him and South the sun” (Lesya Ukrainka).

YouTube Ukrainian language – YouTube.

This is a response to Basil birdie.

The reader he’s not right about the words cigarette and cigarette. The latter he considers the blockage of the Ukrainian language and proposes to use only cigarettes.

These words insomonia origin, but now they’re both Ukrainian.

There are words cigar (legacy of cigar) is strongly twisted in the tube of tobacco leaves for Smoking. Cigarette – paper tube stuffed on the one hand tobacco is that in Russian the cigarette.

Cigarette – shape – a small cigar, and the content – cigarette without hollow half. But all those words boil down to the Spanish cigarro.

Yury Demidenko asked how the Ukrainian language to conjugate Spanish and portugalskom names. Do I need to use when writing with a hyphen?

Hyphen use is not necessary, but vdduv not all of the components.

Example: Juan Manuel Santos Calderon will be Juan Manuel Santos calderón. But: Jose Antonio Pinto SilvaJose Antonio Pinta Silva.

How: yoga instructor courses, yoga instructor courses, courses yoga instructor, asked for an explanation of Mikhail Dudkin.

More correct variant – courses yoga instructor.


Your questions send to the address [email protected] using the subject line “Questions to the Professor Ponomareva”.

If you want to ask the meaning of any word, please look first in the dictionary, so maybe there is already answer to your question.

Please note that Professor Ponomarev uses the Ukrainian spelling of 1999, so words like another option, joy is not an error.

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