Blake Lively harassed on a shoot : cue, the producers of the film have not helped – Here

Since the revelation of the scandal, Harvey Weinstein, tongues loosen. Blake Lively has revealed that she had been harassed by a make-up artist on a shoot.

Earthquake in the world of cinema. Last week, we learned that Harvey Wesintein, the maker of kings of Hollywood (it is to him, in particular, that the success of the Atlantic to The Artist from Michel Hazanavicius with Jean Dujardin), was accused of sexual harassment. Since, the testimonials are linked together : the French Léa Seydoux and Florence Darel are the outputs of silence as Emma de Caunes, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow or Cara Delevingne who has revealed that he had tried to lead them in a plan to three.

But don’t believe that the harassment is from that of the most powerful. Interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, Blake Lively announced that she had also been faced with a man who had attempted to abuse his position, a make-up artist. “He said inappropriate things, he insisted to apply my lipstick with his fingers. And one day, while I was sleeping on the place of filming, I woke up and found out that I was filming. I was dressed, but it was very voyeuristic, it was terrifying, ” she recounted.

Blake Lively then complained of this situation to his superiors, the producers of the film. They have not responded. “It was three months that I kept complaining about “, she explained when it is finally convened. If she thinks that her lament has been heard (” They are finally going to act against this type which is in physical contact with me all day “), his hopes were quickly showered. “They told me : “Your dog left a poop behind the toilet in your lodge and the man of the household had picked it up. This is very serious and it should never happen.” “

Only in the face of this makeup artist who made her life hell, Blake Lively has made this case to his lawyer : an investigation was carried out and the make-up artist turned. But the film’s producers were still considered appropriate, according to the revelations of Blake Lively, to make him a letter of recommendations… These sad revelations will change may finally be the gives.

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