Blair: Britain may reconsider a decision on Brexit in 5 years

The former Prime Minister of great Britain Tony Blair hopes that Britain’s decision to withdraw from the EU would soon be abolished.

He said this during the discussion on the forum of the Yalta European Strategy, the correspondent of “European truth”.

Blair said that he predicts a “u-turn” Brexit for 5 years. “I’ll make a forecast for 5 years and see am I right”, he said.

“My prediction is that Europe will survive (after the UK — EP), Europe will prosper and the UK will reverse its decision about Brexit,” said Blair.

Блэр: Британия может пересмотреть решение о Brexit через 5 лет

The former Prime Minister said that now the Prime Minister may not have a majority in Parliament, none of the political forces is not the leading one, and therefore, the adoption of important reforms that are needed in case of exit of Britain from the European Union, it will be too challenging.

“I think if we (in the UK) and will continue such debates in the Parliament, we will be forced again to appeal to the people (on the revision of the Brexit),” he said.

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