Black Clowns attack the documentary theater

clowns-noirs-grossomodo-trac-fontThe documentary theater, you know? Black Clowns propose a production inspired by this theatrical genre that depicts real events. A new way to tell a story that will stage three clowns, archives and a good dose of madness.

The Théâtre du Faux Safe present Grossomodo’s funeral, his fifteenth production that is part of the series of great documentaries black Clowns. The new creation will bring together on stage three of the five protagonists, either Diogenes Grossomodo and Trac.

It is also their interpreters who have worked respectively for writing texts (Martin Giguère), the set design (Pierre Tremblay) and sound design (Patrice Leblanc). They also have all worked alongside Eric Chalifour the staging.

“It was easier and with the times,” simply explains Martin Giguère, aka Diogenes.

The idea for the documentary came recently to author text black Clowns. “We had to find a new way to tell,” said Martin Giguère. “We had the taste to renew, to endanger themselves by trying something else,” he explains.

He did not know many kind, but he heard about a Montreal company that has produced a play called Fredy, dealing with the death of Fredy Villanueva.

“It’s really interesting proposition like,” says one who adapted the style to the world of Black Clowns. So even though the genre refers to the documentary, it does not necessarily mean that the result will be serious.

The story told dates back 20 years. “We can tell it because a publication ban has been lifted,” contextualizes Martin Giguère. Using archives, tells the story of Diogenes Grossomodo. The public is invited to revisit the events that took place in 1995 and that nearly cost the life to black clown when he entered an international traveling circus.

“Diogenes is the presenter, as in emissions Canal D that are received from eyewitnesses tell of events. There are reproductions of newspaper archives, correspondence, audio and video archives, dramatic reenactments, interviews with witnesses, Extension experts, “lists the author.

The production is also intended as a parody of emissions History Secrets broadcast on TV5, show that highlights the life and career of a personality that made history using archives and witnesses.

If the genre finds its audience, other productions could be offered by the Theatre Safe False.

“The ideas are there to three other shows. Each clown could have his documentary, “says Martin Giguère underlining that black Clowns will not be denatured.

After two performances Friday and Saturday, the play will be presented Wednesday to Saturday, until May 7, at 20 pm at the Murdock Hall Centre for the Arts and Culture of Chicoutimi.

Tickets are available for $ 20 and $ 15 for students.

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