Bitter disappointment for the people of the Light Street

mairesse-suppleante-julie-bourdon-pas(Granby) Bitter disappointment for the people of the Light Street in Granby. They just missed the target of 1265 signatures needed to register to hold elected to declare a referendum or abandon borrowing bylaw related to the work in their street, including the construction of a controversial multi-purpose trail. In total, 1127 people demonstrated their opposition to the project, or 138 fewer than the required number.

Announced within minutes of the end of the register by the Director of Legal Services for the City, Catherine Bouchard, the results came as a cold shower for the handful of residents Léger street meeting in the boardroom.

Hattie Dittman, a resident fiercely opposed the project, welcomed the verdict emotionally. “It’s disappointing. It’s the least we can say. We worked hard, “assured one who spent Monday and Tuesday on the sidewalk, near the city hall, to thank the citizens who have moved to go sign the register.

Léger Street residents have stepped up efforts in recent days to mobilize the population. They still heard. The signatures were added at a steady rate, so that all hopes were high. But reality proved otherwise.

Many residents did not hide their disappointment and even anger at the special council meeting which followed the record Tuesday night. The City Council will go ahead, said Deputy Mayor Julie Bourdon, in the absence of the mayor Pascal Bonin. The debt settlement will be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for approval. Work should begin in September.

Not easy

Julie Bourdon, also councilor of the district that includes Street Light, has also not been the easy part Tuesday night. The answers she tried to give citizens elicited jeers or animosity.

Several residents asked elected officials to consider, in the light of the results. “Do not think that because people did not come sign that they are not against the project,” commented Johanne Dittman.

“Your vision, people do not want it. You do not listen to people. I find it absurd, “said another citizen, France Binet, who said he banged on the doors of streets where other segments of multipurpose trails are planned.

Lives in the Light Street, Réjean Breton for his part said he checked with the police station if accidents involving cars and pedestrians or cyclists have been reported. “There was zero. You’re solving a problem that does not exist “, has he said to denounce the security arguments to justify elected the layout of the track in the Light Street.

Not finished

Apart Stéphane Giard, who defended the project, and Jean-Luc Nappert, advisors did not take part in the debate. Mr. Nappert said he was in favor of active mobility plan, but expressed regret that the management plan is the famous map which showed the streets entitled to host similar infrastructure has not been presented a few months earlier . A statement greeted with applause.

A resident of the Rue Saint-Hubert, Steve Pelletier, added his voice to the debate. “You get stuck on a project that you are the only ones to believe,” he said. “There is discontent. Stop before it is too late, “he resumed. Residents of the rue Saint-Hubert also rejected the multipurpose path that had to be done when working in their street.

One Granbyen said was “extremely disappointed” by the closed attitude of the residents of the streets and Léger Saint-Hubert facing the runway layout. His remarks were greeted with a chorus of protest.

After the meeting, Julie Bourdon told media representatives heard citizens. “We will ensure in the development of the track to track, to get out there so that everything goes well and that it respects the context of Léger street. (…) But we also heard people telling us to go forward. We support people who are for and those tracks that were not here tonight (Tuesday), “she commented.

Hattie Dittman suggested that residents may not be have said their last word. The record may legally carry. “Tonight is a small failure. But it’s not finished, “she launched the City Council. “We will remember you more in the next elections,” dropped several citizens leaving the boardroom.

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