Bitcoin will be introduced into the global financial system: articulated main risks

Биткоин внедрят в глобальную финансовую систему: озвучены главные риски

The civilized world becomes the witness of how bitcoin becomes a new asset class

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More than two dozen major capturadora held at the January meeting, which discussed the possibility of including digital assets and tokens to the global financial architecture.

Биткоин внедрят в глобальную финансовую систему: озвучены главные риски

According to Bloomberg, the organizer of the meeting, held in Singapore, became one of the leaders of the company Standard Chartered Ho LON Len in it, besides other, took part representatives of Galaxy Digital, Coinbase and Binance.

According to the Agency, the result of the meeting was a plan to create a clearing house for cryptderivekey, which would reduce trade-related expenses and increased trading volume. The chamber, which reportedly called Offset Liquidity Network, can start work in July and will be subject to the Control of monetary circulation in Singapore.

Simon Nurse who participated in the meeting, said: “We estimate that as giving the stock market a certain shape, to make possible the arrival of the traditional financial firms. We are witnessing the emergence of a new asset class”.

Биткоин внедрят в глобальную финансовую систему: озвучены главные риски

Probably, the participants focused more on over-the-counter contracts than bitcoin futures, which are usually traded on exchanges. According to Nursi approved by all agreements about the rules of trading can attract more banks with wall street and institutional investors that will consider investing in cryptocurrency.

However, according to Owen O’shea, the former Director of compliance at Credit Suisse, challenges remain. As Oen explained to Bloomberg, “cryptocurrency is now considered something reprehensible” because there is documented evidence of fraud.

“This stain must be washed to spread,” added O’shea.

Recall that the exchange rate of bitcoin is driven into a steep dive: what will be the new game of speculators.

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