Births in the United States. Whether Ukrainian mediators?

Роды в США. Нужны ли украинские посредники?

If you have been wondering how to organize the birth of a child from a Ukrainian family in the U.S. to obtain citizenship, probably already met the advertisement of the companies of intermediaries. There is an opinion that without the Ukrainian conductors to choose the right clinic, doctor, to find housing and to provide travel impossible

Looking at the kind of companies you may think that birth in the United States is stay in a beautiful pension with full service. The real picture is quite different.

Destroying myths. In fact, the Ukrainian companies there is no base apartments. To find a good price and the quality of the housing only through American real estate agents. For example, the company Sunshine Baby offered us housing, the cost of which is inflated by 2.5 times. Already in the States, we learned that the exact same apartment on the next street, much cheaper. But Ukrainian firms take payment in advance with no return policy. The average price for a good apartment 9-10 thousand dollars for 3-4 months. If the term of the leases longer, and the cost will be lower.

The belief that a search of clinics and doctors is impossible without an assistant – too flimsy. Medical centers that provide services for childbirth in the USA quite a lot. Their prices are open. Do not have to give birth where recommended by the mediator. Very easy to find their own contacts clinics, write an email and find out all do – what documents are needed, what services are included in the price. This is the information is in the public domain, managers of the clinics are happy to communicate with customers directly, it is even more convenient. Because intermediaries often distort the real picture and not forget about their own benefit. Already mentioned firm Sunshine Baby, for example, all customer complaints about why the services of the clinic they cost several times more expensive than it is officially worth it, just keep quiet. And carefully remove all negative reviews from their official pages in social networks.

Fear that upon arrival to find a clinic and an apartment will not work – also not correct. American real estate agents would like to go to the airport to meet the client. Take you to a new place of residence and answer all questions, including the car rental. The clinics have a staff of experts whose task is to remove stress from mom as quickly as possible and help her to adapt to the new location.

If you want to take care of all that before you pay for the services of the company, ask for a list of services that will be rendered. Pay attention to the reviews about the company on social networks or forums.