Bilyk was stunned by the cardinal’s decision: “Your Ira…”

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

Iryna Bilyk has shocked fans with news about his health

The singer even decided to take the most extreme measures.

As reported popular Ukrainian artist Iryna Bilyk complained to his fans that due to sudden ailments like to cancel a concert in Odessa. About this singer said on his page on the social network Instagram.

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

According to the singer, she “was horrified to find the weakness of the wild, and before going on stage the temperature of 40”.

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

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However, before such drastic measures is not reached. The artist found the strength to go out and perform their hits in front of an audience. Bilyk said that helped her to recover.

“Already thought the concert was not to be, but… Ever wonder where in me those forces that motivates me when despite all the “but” from health to other things in life, I feel like I soar above all the troubles and still go on stage,” said the network singer.

She said that she cured her audience – “you are my strength, my voice, my invulnerability”.

Bilyk also thanked all their fans for the support, warmth, positive emotions and love. “I love everyone, thank you I have❤❤❤Your Ira”, – said Bilyk.

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

Fans, in turn, wished the singer a speedy recovery and encouraged to take care of yourself.

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Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

“💕Thank you, Ira💕 You are the synthesis of the energy that we once recklessly you gave and will give again and again. And he does not go to any comparison with the charge which we receive from you❤ I😉. Get well, may our energy will protect you from any troubles”, “it’s not my first time at Your concerts! Yesterday was a very special, cozy and home concert! I’m always too shy to sing, but you sing from the heart! Thank You for your sincerity and emotions! Get well❤ I❤ I❤ this”, “our Beloved Irene…wish You a speedy recovery!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”, “Ira, get well!!! 🙏🏻”, “Ira, it’s mutual! and we love you very much!!!❤ it’s amazing”, – pelted with compliments and well wishes Iryna Bilyk her fans.

Билык ошеломила кардинальным решением: «Ваша Ира…»

Recall Bilyk is infatuated with the fiery way.

As reported Politeka, Iryna Bilyk became a laughing stock because of the new image.

Also Politeka reported that 43-year-old Mogilev showed archival the with Irina Bilyk.