Bilyk is infatuated with the fiery way: “the Beast goes hunting”

Билык вскружила голову огненным образом: "Бестия выходит на охоту"

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk decided to change the usual light color hair

Recently the Ukrainian pop diva Iryna Bilyk celebrated his birthday. Recall April 6, the singer turned 49 years old. Her husband, a Russian producer and photographer, Aslan Akhmadov were moved by the network, dedicating his beloved touching poem. Perhaps in honor of the new year of your life, or in connection with the creative plans, but the artist decided on a fairly radical change of image.

On his page on Instagram she shared colourful photos in an updated way. Irina cut my hair — now she had an asymmetrical quads, and in addition, dyed from blonde to bright red color. In the pictures the singer posed in a white shirt and a men’s dark gray jacket.

Билык вскружила голову огненным образом: "Бестия выходит на охоту"

Билык вскружила голову огненным образом: "Бестия выходит на охоту"

A little later she published another footage, which depicted in an orange sweater and bright red lipstick on the lips.

“Red-haired beast goes on the hunt”, signed striking photo Bilyk.

Netizens have begun to actively comment on the new image of the performer. Most fans were delighted with her new image and wrote that she looks very pretty in this color and she simply looked younger, others noticed that even though it looks great, but eyes are very sad:

Билык вскружила голову огненным образом: "Бестия выходит на охоту"

“Very beautiful photo) 🔥”, “Fire Irina the sexy!”, “Irina these pictures prove ,once again, how beautiful you are. To this beauty huh great happiness!”, “Very beautiful — unearthly”, “Deluxe go,” “This sun 💗 🌞 super 😘 😍 love”, “You are beautiful!!!🌹”, “Irina why eyes are sad,!?”, “Yes, red is your color, don’t change it. Just super, Very beautiful, red-haired beast!!!”, “And why would a goddess for someone to hunt? Something? Let the hunting for you!”, “Ira you this way well, just to face. Very cool beautiful rejuvenated….”, “Well, why so mad, well as never, love ❤this💋”.

Билык вскружила голову огненным образом: "Бестия выходит на охоту"

Also earlier it was reported that Irina Bilyk has published in his Instagram new pictures, which the singer depicted her in an unusual manner: in a black leather jacket, stylized nineties, and fatinovy large bow on her head.

“My dear! You know I like to cook, but Easter cakes are never baked. And really want to try! Please share the recipe of delicious low-calorie cakes that will delight your family!” — signed photo of Irina.

The immediately caused a stir in the network: “Already many times took you for Pugachev”, “Irina, you look like something between Pugachiova has been and Rasputina”, “How rejuvenated Pugacheva”.

Recall, the new photoshoot of Irina Bilyk for the gloss, this time with her husband and young son.

As reported Politeka as Ukrainian choreographer disgraced in concert ex-wife.

Also Politeka wrote, Iryna Bilyk made a Frank admission about “non-traditional” people.