Billionaire Richard Branson wants every day to send tourists into space

Richard Branson has created a third space company called Vox Orbit. Special niche Vox Orbit will be commercial and government contracts, and the company is going to offer daily space flights.

The company is a subsidiary of Virgin Orbit, which itself is a by-product of Virgin Galactic, founded more than a decade ago, with the purpose of selling suborbital space flights for tourists. The company has made steady progress in achieving its goal, earlier this year, SpaceShipTwo has conducted the sixth successful test glide.
Two other Branson companies are dealing with less attractive effort. Virgin Orbit, also founded in the beginning of this year on the launch services for small satellites. Vox Space will provide “research, analysis, integration and launch of services using the LauncherOne Virgin Orbit” governments and contractors. There is also a fourth company, The Spaceship Company engaged in the production of ships.
SpaceX will have an advantage from the point of view of sheer power. The Flacon 9 rocket can carry more than 50,000 pounds into orbit, while Vox technology Space can carry about 400 pounds. But the company will rely on technology, radically different from SpaceX and more like a plane taking off.

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