Bill gates intends to build “future city” in the United States

10 thousand hectares of land in the U.S. state of Arizona bought the company, Belmont Partners, owned by billionaire, founder of Microsoft, bill gates. The businessman intends to build a whole high-tech “city of the future”, which in the future will test the innovation.

For the land for the construction of Belmont Partners gave the authorities $80 million the Plot is located on best location near the highway leading into Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the sponsors have even invented a name for the city of Belmont. In the coming years to live, there are more than 80 thousand people. The estate, communications and other infrastructure in the city will be performed with the latest technology. It is assumed that the traffic flow in the village will be mostly unmanned vehicles, and the citizens will live in smart homes.

Earlier we wrote that the company is Uber, which owns the eponymous taxi service, signed a cooperation agreement with the National aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA). The plans of the partners are developing an unmanned flying vehicles for private transport.

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