Biletsky, urgently appealed to Zelensky and revealed the truth about breeding troops in the Donbas: details

Билецкий срочно обратился к Зеленскому и раскрыл правду о разведении войск на Донбассе: подробности

Andriy Biletsky gave some advice to Vladimir Zelensky – the situation in the Donbas is a stalemate, he believes, it is time to begin solid steps

Ukrainian nationalist, head of the “national body” and the veteran”resident of Azov” Andrey Biletsky appealed to the President in connection with the planned breeding of forces in the Donbas. Andriy Biletsky also spoke about ways that the President to be closer to the people below him (the people) to understand. This writes Рoliteka with a link to the Youtube video message from Andriy Biletsky to the President (to watch the video, dockrillia to the end of the page).

So according to Biletsky, it seems – until a former commander of the “Azov” went from the East of the country had to watch the press-marathon of the Ukrainian President – that “data” to support the population of a divorce forces in the Donbas is nothing but “data” the Russian propaganda movement. Politician hints at what these “99% of Ukrainians for” breeding forces in the Donbas and withdrawal of domestic troops, hardly correspond to reality:

“…Like watching “60 minutes” with Olga Skobeeva. Presiento often have to rely on real data – we have intelligence, there are veterans… And the 99 percent “for” resemble the informative efforts of the Pro-Kremlin pool”.

Moreover, Biletsky commented that the veterans were shot recently in Eastern Ukraine, to disrupt the withdrawal of troops:

“Really, then was shot by police on the orders of the Governor, who appointed the current government, when the veterans went on a peaceful protest,” — said Biletsky.

Билецкий срочно обратился к Зеленскому и раскрыл правду о разведении войск на Донбассе: подробности

Biletsky is also offered Vladimir Zelensky to arrange exit the office immediately in the Luhansk region, and then somewhere else, say in Chernivtsi, Kirovohrad in order to be closer to people and understand what problems they have that they really care about:

“The veterans are busy azrabotka now handed out bread to the Ukrainians. The detachment in Gold-4 for mediachoice baked…”.

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Biletsky is also called the premiere Goncharuk “ambitious technocrat” and suggested that, perhaps, being closer to the people, would have found means to people in the mines to allocate salaries for 4 months debt:

“All the world, but preferably, no surrender”, — Biletsky summed up by saying that we should not listen to “Ostankino, Russia-24, and so forth,” and to remember that there are Ukrainian intelligence, the military, and the Ukrainians themselves.

Recall Zelensky found a chance to return the Donbas without casualties, the time has come.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky held hostage, put forward demands.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelenski can get a powerful weapon against Putin