Biletsky and veterans of the ATO recorded a video message from the place of breeding troops in the Donbas

Билецкий и ветераны АТО записали видеообращение с места разведения войск на Донбассе

In the Internet appeared the video, which the veterans of the war in the Donbas Ukrainians show “last post”

As reported Politeka, footage posted on the page of the “National body” in Youtube.

For them, the head of the “National body” Andrey Biletsky said, will act as the veterans of the war in the Donbass under the circumstances.

“Glory To Ukraine. Today is an important day. Today the whole of Ukraine wakes up, and begins to fight with the infamous “Minsk” and “formula Steinmeier” and just with the troops. All will depend not from the government or politicians. It will depend on each of us. From ordinary people, who today took to the chamber in Kiev and all cities of Ukraine: from Mukacheve to Kharkiv. Today, we, about 100 young children from Gold, Severodonetsk, who invited us,” he said.

According to him, especially in support of the Ukrainians was organized rally.

“In addition, there is a group of veterans. People who look young but have been through a lot. In 2014 they took up arms to fight for the country. These people organized themselves and came here to his native land — the city of gold in order to stay here, even if troops will be withdrawn”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, activists on Independence square in Kiev convenes a meeting against a signed formula Steinmeier. Footage of the protests appeared on Twitter. The action began on October 6 at 12:00, Ukrainians brought a lot of posters and flags.

Билецкий и ветераны АТО записали видеообращение с места разведения войск на Донбассе

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