Bilan was injured on a tour in the United States: “dopel”

Билан получил травму на гастролях в США: «допелся»

Dima Bilan hopes that he will be able to recover quickly

Russian pop singer dwells with a concert tour in the United States, where he was injured.

Bilan literally dopel, namely during the concert lost my voice. It happened after performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. There, the artist realized That can not only sing, but also speak loudly.

Билан получил травму на гастролях в США: «допелся»

The singer himself posted on his page on the social network Instagram yideo, where it communicates with its fans living in the States.

Fans surrounded the artist, wanted to be photographed with him and get an autograph. Bilan also tried to tell them about his problem: “After three gigs in a row I’m a little bit lost my voice”.

He added that in front of him a couple of days, and he hopes to recover.

As previously reported, this year the singer is somehow not very successfully. So, a couple of months ago, where he was in a hospital bed. The actor underwent surgery, during which he inserted nine screws and a plate.

The thing is that Bilan in two places, broke his leg near his country house. Corny the actor slipped on the street. The operation was scheduled the next day, but Dima changed his mind – didn’t want to upset the fans and disrupt the concert schedule. He went on tour with the physician who “set him up”, grinding away strong pain medicine.

And after the concert operation has not been canceled. Bilan admitted that he was nervous.

The doctors tried their best and now the artist literally “chained to a hospital bed”.

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I’m not often in your feed offer you almanac around the life , though artistic , but when you are here unfettered and free from prejudice -I want to share ! Today’s #seattle was native to the marrow of her🦴)) #Bilan #dimabilan #bilintur As well! Happy mother’s Day to all who have experienced this happiness — to be MA!🤱

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However, Instagram Bilan calmed the worry for his fans: “All okeeey!!!”. He added that the ankle of the left leg he had implanted plate and screws.

“While location monotonous, lying, doing physical therapy and eating in bed!!! Decided to show you another side of the coin of popularity and the type of “little” concert”glossy” life!”, – wrote the singer.

According to him, he was very surprised, when the network met comments on the fact that the contractor just PR for their health. “Allle you really, seriously????!!!!”, – perplexed Bilan.

Recall that Bilan rushed for another award: “even crutches not a hindrance.”

As reported Politeka, Bilan went to atone for sins after the news about the disease.

Also Politeka wrote that fans brought Dima Bilan breakdown: “Idiots”.